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Dear God

Dear God,

I want to thank you for all the beautiful things that you have added to my life.  As I look outside the express bus window on my way to work every morning, some days I think about how lucky I am and other days I can feel distraught thinking about the things I don’t have.

Today, I take a step back.  One year ago today, my friend, a one time best friend, a one time boyfriend and one time enemy, passed away at 27 years old.  I can’t believe it’s a year already.  I can’t believe he is gone.  One thing I do know is that You, God, are with him and he is free of pain and hurt.

I feel sadness today in my heart, missing the friend I had, missing that sweet boy I know in my 20’s, regretting childish and irresponsible decisions I made at the time of our encounters.   I always pray and think, I hope Stephen knows that I never meant to hurt him when I did and that I was a dumb kid, not thinking.  I hope he knows that I do think about him and still can’t believe it’s a year and hate that I couldn’t even say goodbye.

God, this is my letter to you in hopes to relay the message to our monkey, Stephen Andrew Lipton.  I pray his soul rests in peace and he has the clarity to feel all the love of the people missing him in here on earth.  I hope he is smiling.

Thanks for taking care of our friend.

Love you always Lord,


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