Daily Archives: October 4, 2013

To The Monkey 2

Dear Stephen,10a

Hey there.  Been thinking about you.  I know tomorrow’s your birthday and I wanted you to know I hadn’t forgotten.  I thought about bringing flowers to the cemetery where you rest.  But in my awkwardness, I don’t know where you are exactly and don’t want to be wondering around there alone.  I am sure you understand.

I hope the afterlife is treating you way better than life was here for you.  Even though, you had so many opportunities on earth I know that it was hard for you mentally.  I hope you are at peace.

This might seem crazy but last night you were in my dream.  We were talking and hanging out, the dream hasn’t come back to me fully but you grabbed my hand and held it and I swear I felt it in real life.  I woke up from the touch on my left hand and then you were gone.  It felt so real.  I still have this eerie feeling in my hand as if something is still in it too.  Some things you just can’t explain.

Sometimes, I smell you when I walk into a room and I automatically think you had just been there.  It is so weird how a smell can place you in a moment, in a time and bring someone right there with you even if they are not.

This is a short note for now.  Have a happy birthday in heaven.


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